Prime II Haptic

Manus VR Prime 2 Haptic

The Manus Prime II Haptic gloves are the next generation in advanced haptic feedback technology. By definition a haptic interface reproduces real touch sensations on a tactile interface via a vibration mode.

The sense of physical touch is not an easy element to reproduce. The Prime II Haptic takes precision of touch very seriously. Its objective is to offer intuitive and natural interactions with low latency between the user and the virtual hands.

Manus VR Prime 2 Haptic

The Prime II Haptic dramatically reduces costs and time for teams collaborating on virtual reality projects in motion capture, robotics, prototyping, educational virtual reality, virtual training and more.

You are going to take gaming experiences to a whole new level of play for virtual reality arcade games.

Whether you are holding digital objects, feeling textures, Whether you are pushing buttons or pulling handles in virtual experiments, the gloves provide a snug and comfortable fit.
This ensures that the delicate vibrations are felt on the hands and fingers, with the buckle of Ultra-fine haptic motor control feedback providing a powerful virtual reality presence.

Manus VR Prime 2 Haptic
Manus VR Prime II Haptic Viewer

Haptic feedback is obtained by assigning a programmable LRA haptic module to each finger individually. Unique signals are looped around based on interactions with virtual objects and materials as well as the feedback applied inside the virtual experience.

Access the user-friendly dashboard and pilot to calibrate and control your glove agnostics where the haptic feedback is fully customizable and comes equipped with a built-in hardware editor and tuner for signal strength, frequency and resonance.

One of the main features of the Prime II series is the easy integration with third-party hardware. This is why the Prime II gloves come with a universal mounting system. This allows the mounting of any type of tracker with dedicated adapters.

These adapters are easily inserted on the gloves of the Prime II series.

Here are the adapters available:
– Manus Passive Marker Mount
– OptiTrack Active Puck
– Vicon Pulsar Active LED Clusters
– Oculus Rift S / Quest Adapter
– HTC Vive Tracker

Core Prime II Haptic Manus

Manus Core is the main data processing software for all Manus products. This software is designed to make Manus product user pipelines more efficient.

This unique data feed can be used with Manus plugins, inside the Manus dashboard, or any application using their SDK.

A 45-second U-turn is enough to move. In three simple steps, the Manus Prime II gloves perform a quick and accurate calibration tailored to users’ hands.

Capturing larger groups is also simplified, Prime II supports multi-user calibration simultaneous, which allows for smoother team sessions and maximized time, making Prime II gloves an easy and quick choice.

Manus VR Prime II Haptic compatibility

The easy integration of Manus Gloves is one of their top priorities. The Manus Prime II Haptic gloves can be used with a multitude of tracking systems and are supported by most HMD systems.

Unity and Unreal Engine are also supported via plugins.

Compatibility Manus VR Prime II Haptic