~ XR-3 ~

Varjo makes human-eyed-resolution virtual and mixed reality products that help professionals in the most demanding industries push the boundaries of what has never been possible.

The Varjo company has created a product concept where virtual, augmented and physical realities become one.

The only mixed reality device that can seamlessly blend real and virtual, with photorealistic visual fidelity, ultra-low latency, and built-in eye tracking.

The XR-3 is a professional mixed reality device for engineers, researchers and designers who are pioneers of a new reality. With photorealistic visual fidelity, ultra-low latency, and built-in eye tracking, the XR-3 seamlessly merges virtual content with the real world for the very first time.

With the XR-3 you can also seamlessly switch between mixed reality and full virtual reality, bringing together the advantages of both worlds in one device. This means you can test designs in different environments and manipulate your environment with pixel perfect control.

You can virtualize your concepts, modify all aspects of your designs (measurements, colors, shapes etc. .) in real time.

The 20/20 Eye Tracker built into Varjo devices allows you to track user eye movements in mixed reality scenarios with sub-degree accuracy.

The XR-3 is powered by ultra-high definition stereo transmission technology, which is achieved with premium cameras, sensors, optics and the Bionic Display ™.

C ‘ is the perfect tool for R & amp; D teams, architects or even Designers looking to push the limits of what is possible.

~ VR-3 ~

The world’s most advanced enterprise VR headset with human eye resolution (70 ppd), built-in eye tracking and Ultraleap hand tracking.

The Varjo VR-3 Takes professional-grade virtual reality to even higher levels with human eye resolution, built-in 20/20 Eye Tracker ™, advanced built-in hand tracking from Ultraleap, as well as support for SteamVR content and OpenVR.

Varjo VR-3 can be used with Windows 10 desktop or laptop. Please contact us to make sure your system meets the listed requirements.

Varjo and Lenovo have collaborated to create pairs of Lenovo Workstations and Varjo HMDs for easier and faster adoption of reality virtual in business.

~ Aero ~

The Varjo Aero headset is a premium VR headset that offers a generational leap in visual fidelity for professionals and advanced VR users.

With its future-proof optical design and its stunning dual mini-LED screens, the Varjo Aero helmet is the lightest and brightest professional-grade helmet ever designed.

Composed of two mini-LED screens offering maximum fidelity thanks to its 35 PPD, a brightness of 150 nits and a field of view of 115 ° for a breathtaking clarity from one edge to the other of your gaze.

An ultimate experience for SteamVR content, including Microsoft Flight Simulator, and with professional 3D software such as Gravity Sketch and KeyVR.

Varjo and Lenovo have collaborated to create pairs of Lenovo and Varjo HMD workstations for easier adoption and speed of virtual reality in business.