Integrations, installations and configurations

Varjo Services ASN Integration

To get off to a good start, A.S.N. Inc. ensures that you have all the material and equipment necessary for the proper functioning of virtual reality products. We are here to advise you on the right purchase or evaluation of your machine so that you can use the product that meets your needs.

From unpacking products, to wiring, setting up devices , the installation of sensory sensors, ASN Inc. takes care of everything for you. We are your ideal Varjo Canada partner.

We are here to train you on the use of software, the maneuvers to be carried out for the proper functioning of the devices, to guide you in your communications with the support of your virtual reality device.

ASN Inc. offers the ideal service to meet your needs. After we have helped you with the purchase of your device, we will always be there for follow-up and support of your projects.

Once we have satisfied the technical needs of your projects, it will not all that remains is to take advantage of the experience offered by these high-end products.

Varjo Services ASN Integration

Presentations and conceptualizations

You are not yet familiar with augmented reality products, but you are interested in knowing what the possibilities are of these high-end products. We offer you the opportunity to test the product before any purchase from you.

A.S.N. Inc. offers to organize product presentations on our premises to help you make your decision in choosing the product. We are in direct contact with manufacturers and suppliers, we can advise you on the ideal product from the company range to meet your needs / project.

Varjo Services ASN Presentation

The A.SN. Inc. takes care of everything, you just need to have a date and a place for the presentation. We will bring everything you need to make you enjoy the full Varjo experience.

From immersion in a virtual world to augmented reality combined with extended reality, you will be able to see the full capabilities of these high-end helmets.

Extended reality

Do you have a virtualization project, or do you want to present to one of your customers what the design you made for them will look like?

Varjo Services ASN Simulation

A.S.N. Inc. can help you project yourself into projects including objects drawn on software such as Autodesk, Unity, Unreal or other software compatible with AR / VR / MR products.

To do so, with the virtual reality and augmented reality products, we are able to virtually set up Art rooms, waiting rooms, a performance hall or any other mixed reality project.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your projects, we will find the solution in line with your objectives. We are your ideal Varjo Canada partner.

Varjo Services ASN Simulation


Varjo Services ASN Support

A.S.N. Inc. presents the adequate expertise to answer your questions and your technical intervention needs. We are proud to be currently the only supplier of Varjo products in the province of Quebec in Canada.

Our team of experts can intervene at your place to look at hardware or software concerns or answer your questions regarding Varjo, VIVE products or Manus VR.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you solve your problems.