VIVE Focus Plus

Vive Focus Plus Kit

The all-in-one standalone VR headset for business.

Enjoy quality virtual reality anywhere, anytime with the VIVE Focus Plus. The system has been designed with quality and portability in mind to evolve your deployment. The VIVE Focus Plus adapts to make it easier to use and reduce material costs.

Advanced in virtual reality

6-DoF controllers, different input shapes

The VIVE Focus Plus enables the creation of state-of-the-art immersive applications that meet a wide range of use cases.

It allows to enjoy navigation beyond the controllers thanks to eye tracking. It extends accessibility through hand tracking and gesture tracking *.

* Eye tracking, and hand tracking, can be integrated via VIVE Wave ™ and Hand Tracking SDK.

Tracking from inside to outside

Total freedom

No connected PC or base station is required to use the VIVE Focus Plus. Free yourself from the need for rugged hardware.

Enjoy global tracking right out of the box. It’s simple, free yourself from cables and external accessories. Easy transport, maintenance and deployment. Present immersive simulations in the environment of your choice.

Balance and optimal weight distribution.

Comfort and ergonomics

The VIVE Focus Plus easily adjusts to different head sizes, glasses and even to the distance between the pupils.

Satisfies almost all users with its comfortable and ergonomic design. Easy-to-clean synthetic material for heavy-duty environments.

2 880 x 1 600 combined resolution

Pixels in quantity

Don’t miss any detail with a resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels of 615 DPI. Thus images, texts and textures are perfectly crisp.

Able to compete with top-notch quality systems. With the VIVE Focus Plus, reduce costs and increase flexibility without compromising visual fidelity.

The goal is to give you the visual fidelity you need for all the uses and environments you need.

What can be done with the VIVE Focus Plus

Virtual reality without distraction

Stop distractions

Thanks to Kiosk mode, you will be able to limit access to applications and browsing in order to stay focused on the essentials. Ability to remove unnecessary elements from the user interface, streamline interfaces with the user. Focus on what matters most to trainers and clients: content.

Simplified configuration

Ease and Efficiency

Software implementation is made easy across your organization.

Configure devices at multiple sites. Create internal user groups for business features and content. All from a centralized, simple and efficient platform.

VIVE enterprise warranty and services

Two year limited commercial warranty, support and service. Registration and activation are required for use. First, create an account on the VIVE Enterprise site.

Remember that activation must take place within 90 days of purchasing the equipment.

A note that a service request cannot be submitted before the creation and registration of a corporate account.