VIVE Cosmos

Vive Cosmos

Easy setup and installation

Mobility, portability, ease of use

With the VIVE Cosmos, you will be able to enjoy virtual reality on the go. A simple and guided deployment thanks to the functionalities ready to use in the system. Take it easily to customers or to remote places.

After just a few minutes, thanks to a connection to a computer and a follow-up of the instructions, you are ready to dive into a world of Premium virtual reality .

Extended virtual reality sessions

A design oriented comfort and balance

The VIVE Cosmos is designed to give you maximum comfort during your virtual reality sessions. Its lifting arch allows you to move smoothly between virtual reality and the real world and vice versa. The helmet is integrated with active cooling for optimal visual comfort.

In addition to having an easy and customizable adaptation on the head, it has an optic adjustable to your face to minimize eye fatigue. The VIVE Cosmos is suitable for a variety of types of vision, including people who require glasses.

Inside-out monitoring

6-DoF Controllers

With its six camera sensors combined with the latest software optimizations, the VIVE Cosmos sees its tracking precision inside and out improved.

It supports a wide field of view (FOV) and six degrees of freedom (6-DoF) for optimal freedom of movement.

Increased immersion with 3D spatial sound

Sense, context and essential sound cues

The headset integrated into the VIVE Cosmos is on-ear, comfortable and offers an optimal sound experience for virtual reality. The 3D spatial sound system enhances immersion by mimicking real-world volumes, tones and reverberations, ideal for training simulations.

VIVE Cosmos Resolution

A combined resolution of 2880 x 1700

Premium visual fidelity

With a combined resolution of 2880 x 1700 and a refresh rate of 90Hz, the VIVE Cosmos offers stunning graphics and textures.

The screens are high-tech liquid crystal, which reduces the distance between the pixels, in order to reduce the pixelated effect.

VIVE Cosmos Resolution
VIVE Enterprise Sans Fil

Wireless virtual reality is possible!

A virtual reality in high quality

Move without risking falling into cables, it is possible with the VIVE Cosmos. Live a virtual reality experience with near zero latency. Having multiple users in your simulations is now possible. A fast, responsive and wireless experience. (Powered by Intel® WiGig ™ technology)

The VIVE wireless adapter is sold separately from the VIVE Cosmos.

Vive Enterprise warranty and service

Two year limited commercial warranty, support and service.

Registration and activation is required for use. Start by creating an account on the VIVE Enterprise site. Remember that activation must take place within 90 days of purchasing the hardware.

A service request cannot be made until an account has been created and registered with company.