One of the main features of the Prime II series is the easy integration with third-party hardware. This is why the Prime II gloves come with a universal mounting system. This allows the mounting of any type of tracker with dedicated adapters.

These adapters are easily inserted on the gloves of the Prime II series.

Here are the adapters available:
– Manus Passive Marker Mount
– OptiTrack Active Puck
– Vicon Pulsar Active LED Clusters
– Oculus Rift S / Quest Adapter
– HTC Vive Tracke

Hardware compatibility
Manus VR Glove Textile

After many hours of use, it’s essential to keep the gloves in pristine condition and ready to go for your next session.

We’ve made the Prime II glove textiles washable by easy removal gloves textile sensors.

All users can have their own personal kit, just change the sensors from one textile to another to use the same material ensuring responsible hygienic use.

Manus VR Glove Textile
Manus VR Charge Block

Eliminate downtime by charging the batteries of your prime II gloves while you work on your project. Charge up to 6 batteries with the Manus charger.

The Manus Prime II series gloves are equipped with interchangeable batteries. Power your gloves for up to 5 hours during continuous, uninterrupted use.