Manus Core & Polygon

Manus Core and Manus Polygon

The central hub for all Manus products, called Manus Core, is the data processing software. Polygon inverse kinematics software, is a key feature of Manus Core.

Manus Core comes with free plugins for third-party software, which allow you to stream your data in real time to your custom project in Unity. , Unreal, MotionBuilder or MVN Animate.

The “Inverse Kinematics” (IK) system generates a precisely proportioned virtual human skeleton, targets and transparently synchronizes your movement to a chosen avatar.

This system supports up to 8 trackers hanging on your body. It’s a versatile solution for motion capture as well as virtual reality, without the need for a full motion capture suit.

Curious to see what the Polygon is all about? Take a look at this video explaining what the Polygon product is, what you need and how to set it up.

With the Polygon Manus, it’s easy to view and record your movements in a virtual environment.

Polygon can be used for virtual reality as well as for motion capture. It allows you to capture the movements of the hands and fingers of the body in combination with the Prime II series.

The interface of Manus Core is really easy to use and very intuitive to manage and calibrate the recording of your performance data with ease.

A start in less than a minute with three simple gestures, Manus gloves can be calibrated quickly and precisely.

The combination of Polygon and Prime II Haptic provides a portable and efficient solution for use from any location and in any size volume.

When a project or team collaboration in virtual reality requires real-time sensations of natural touch and intuitive interactions with accessories, it is essential to combine Polygon with the Manus Prime II Haptic gloves.

Manus Core comes with Polygon, our latest solving software that enables smooth full-body movement in any virtual environment.

The IK system generates a precisely proportioned virtual human skeleton , and seamlessly re-targets and synchronizes your movement to a chosen avatar.

This system detects the finer nuances of human body movement, resulting in truly lifelike virtual characters, without the need for a motion capture suit.

Capture finger data in FBX, with the click of a button.

You can easily save your finger data in the Manus dashboard and directly export your recording as an FBX file.

The self-calibration tool is unique to Polygon. Designed for maximum speed and ease of use. The quick 7-step calibration process allows the user to operate independently.

Setup can be completed in 2 minutes. As shown in the video.

Polygon guarantees fast setup as it automatically assigns data points to the corresponding trackers providing a full avatar within seconds.

Polygon Full Body VR

Polygon is a key feature of Manus Core and is accessible through the Manus dashboard.

Manus Core is available as an annual or perpetual license. Including full technical support from Manus during the license period, free third-party plugins and frequent updates.

Polygon Full Body VR