Vive Pro Full Kit

Virtual reality taken to a professional level

A true virtual experience

The VIVE Pro is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users. It’s an easy to set up virtual reality system that grows with your need and your business. The VIVE Pro offers professional users the most comprehensive functionality.

Whether you are in a seated environment or in a large multi-user setup, the VIVE Pro system provides you with perfect fidelity, clear sound and the most immersive virtual reality experience possible.

Accurate and high resolution display

Premium visual fidelity

Two OLED screens equip the VIVE Pro for a resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels, one of the best on the market. Thus the images, texts and textures are perfectly sharp.

The goal is to give you the visual fidelity you need for all the uses and all the environments you need.

Top-of-the-range comfort

Ergonomics rhyme with comfort

A 24% larger face pad area and weight distribution allow the VIVE Pro to be more ergonomic. This gives you maximum comfort and flexibility, even with prolonged use.

The VIVE Pro is well thought out, easy to put on and take off. It easily adjusts to different head sizes, glasses and even the distance between the pupils.

Modular spatial tracking

Essential sense, context and sound cues

Steam VR 2.0 allows up to four base stations for spatial tracking over a large area without occlusion or obstacle. The spatial tracking is effective whether you are in a seated position or in a room of 10 x 10 m maximum.

It is the ideal solution if you are several users in the environment, all with a submillimeter precision.

Danger averted thanks to the Chaperone system

Safety and peace of mind

The Chaperone system integrated into the VIVE Pro ecosystem warns you when you approach real objects so that you are safe. This allows VR sessions to be comfortable and fully immersed in your experience.

Noise cancellation combined with 3D spatial sound

Immersion and perfect sound

VIVE Pro features high-resolution headphones with 3D spatial integration. An amplifier is built-in for perfect sound providing more volume and resonance.

The ambient noise cancellation function allows for a total immersive experience without distractions caused by surrounding noise.

VIVE Tracker for more possibilities for commercial use

Mixed reality at your fingertips with the VIVE Tracker

The possibilities become endless just by attaching the VIVE Tracker to any real object. This will have the effect of transferring this object into your virtual simulation. It is a very interesting system for motion capture, automotive simulations, light / heavy machinery or aerospace.

The VIVE Tracker is sold separately from the VIVE Pro.

Wireless virtual reality experience is possible!

Wires are a thing of the past!

Moving around without the risk of falling into cables is possible with the VIVE Cosmos. Live a VR experience with near zero latency. Easily integrate multiple users into your simulations. A fast, responsive and wireless experience. (Powered by Intel® WiGig ™ technology)

The VIVE wireless adapter is sold separately from the VIVE Cosmos.

VIVE Enterprise warranty and services

Two year limited commercial warranty, support and service.

Registration and activation is required for use. Start by creating an account on the VIVE Enterprise site. Remember that activation must take place within 90 days of purchasing the hardware.

A service request cannot be made until an account has been created and registered with company.